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Kolanot Platform is a one-stop-shop for the customs clearance community helping exporters and importers clear their cargo worldwide. Find your customs clearance consultants on our platform and improve your cash flow with the best advisors in the business

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How it works

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Step 01

Get Started

Create your free account with Kolanot

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Step 02

Submit your requests to our

Submit your requests to our Customs Clearance Agents You will provide our Agents with basic shipment details and upload required documents such as: A. Commercial Invoice B. Bill of Lading C. Any related import/export documents

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Step 03

Your agent goes to work for you

The customs agent will approve the documents, notify you via message channel if any further information are required The message channel will remain open for status updates

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Step 04

Your customs clearance request is processed

Your customs agent will create and submit your customs declarations to the HMRC electronically.

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Step 05


Upon submission, a credit card payment is required to Kolanot held in escrow for fees applicable such as: A. Customs Agent Fee B. Duties, Tariffs if applicable C. Declarations fee D. Related Charges if applicable

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Step 06

Goods released

You will receive notification from your customs clearance agent once you declarations is accepted and your goods clears customs. Your goods are ready to be moved to your final destination by your freight forwarder

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Customs Declaration APIs

Kolanot Platform Customs declaration APIs are the perfect solution to Qualified Customs Clearance Agents, Consultants and Consultancies. With our Customs APIs you can expand the scope of your consultancies using our state-of-the-art backend APIs for Customs electronic clearance

About Us

Behind Kolanot are a team of dedicated and experienced International trade and IT professionals

Our Mission

Kolanot mission is to offer a single cloud platform that facilitates international trade by providing direct access to an aggregation of custom clearance consultants for easy management of import and export of goods. In addition, Kolanot commerce, freight shipping solutions helps to facilitate global trade through a combination of digital innovation, technology, and industry expertise. Our integrated platform offers a reliable one-stop-shop for commerce, import/export and freight industry marketplace with efficiencies designed to simplify operations while driving increased profitability. The result, a faster and more transparent process.

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About Kolanot

Kolanot is dedicated to facilitating global trade using the most INNOVATIVE ICT technology in the market. Our goal is to bring a more simplified and efficient process to the freight forwarding industry.

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